Wow! Holy Wow! Voice and Vision from God!

Wow! In spite, of it all, God is good! God is great & the foretold days in which we live are truly blessed by the LORD our God—our Father-in-heaven! So here I sit in Fort Davis, Texas, 14-years after the Divine Encounter and journey-to-heaven, looking out the windows upon God’s beautiful creation and writing to you! You see, so much has been downloaded & invested in me since January 2, 2006, the Holy Wow day I was born again from above! I will forever remember being in the presence of the Holy ONE whom I knew instantly as FATHER & TRUTH! Let me simply say, GOD is real! He is the Ancient of Daysthe great I AM! I heard these words:

Everything’s going to be okay & everything’s going to be alright. All We’ve got to do is put our hands together; got to work together. Do you hear Me? Do you hear Me, child? Do you hear Me?  I am looking down from out of heaven. I am calling out your name. Can you hear Me? Can you hear Me, people? My tears are dry. I’ve given all I have to give. I’m sending you My everything. I gave My Life, My Son for you! I gave My arm & My will, My Spirit, My Self, My mind, My hands, My feet, My eyes! That you could serve one another; that you could love one another; that you could serve one another for all of eternity! I thought you would teach your children! I thought you would love your Mother; She’s given you EVERYTHING! Everything!  I gave you the sun & the moon & the stars!  I gave you the Water!! I gave you My Son!!… but still I love & still I forgive. I AM. I AM your Father.”

 Then, behind me, I heard the voice of our Master Shepherd call “COME”! Wow! Holy wow! Brothers & sisters, in heaven’s courtroom, I witnessed the Bible’s most well-known passage John 3:16-18 come to life! He said, “I believe all negative energy can be transformed if held long enough by the hand in love.” *PAUSE—we would all be toast, except the SON of GOD stepped up amongst them & defended us! His word trumped theirs, but ONLY protects those who put their faith in His name, for WORDS live! That is why we must guard our tongues.

 (5-years later)
I AM sent a worshipper & His chief Messenger Angel ”GABRIEL” to this earth to appear before me in a jam packed ‘Sunday go to meeting’ church house on the Sabbath day,
during Shabbat hours. Why? To notify you & me—the living, breathing Church BODY that the “MIDNIGHT HOUR” is here. I AM said, “Tell them I AM calling. Tell them to seek Me.”
In a dream, my husband was sent house to house—ahead of the evil days & evil spirits, ‘Tell them “GOD LOVES You! His WORD is your energy! Do not be afraid!”

 Hear this sons & daughters of the living God—Stay awake & be alert! The day & hour our Master will return is growing near. We are called to become what the Father intended us to be all along—a pleasing Bride for His Son. And yes, He knew this from in the beginning—before the writing of the Holy Scriptures that this would be a RESCUE MISSION ! Our earth walk journey is likened to Mary’s call—a willing vessel chosen by GOD to bring forth the child. Like I AM said to me, “I need you to help Me reinstitute the ancient path. I don’t need one more church lady, but a willing bride.” GOD is blessing us to experience pregnancy—before the Royal Wedding! To bear the challenge & receive the blessed fruit! As in natural birth, we’ll stretch in ways that seem impossible. We’ll cry out to our husbands, friends, & GOD that we can’t do it any longer! We’ll plead for the Great Physician to induce our labor!
Yet, we have been forewarned “Endure unto the end” & Not to fear human enemies, but rather fear GOD. Remember, pregnancy is not meant to be easy, nor is it meant to be impossible. The pain is part of our call to humble submission–physical, spiritual & emotional. To be CREATION fellows! To receive & protect, teach & return the soul seeds entrusted unto us—as priceless Gifts from GOD~

 (July 2, 2012)
I AM said “ONE HOUR”. It is commonly believed, “No one knows the day or the hour”. That phrase is often a section header in Bibles and many preachers echo it every day. But what does GOD’s WORD really say? Matthew 24: 36 and of that day & hour no one knows–not the messengers (angels) in heaven, Not even the Son, Only the father knows.

 All of our lives we hear that no one knows the day or the hour, meaning when YESHUA aka Christ Jesus our Lord and Master—the Son of GOD, will return to this earth. But, will we? We know YESHUA warned that many will come as wolves in lambs clothing. They will seek to deceive. And if possible, they will deceive even the elect. But it is not possible if we study the scriptures carefully & ask Holy Spirit to give us understanding. The problem is—we fail to read & study the scriptures carefully. It happened in YESHUA’s day, & it happens in ours. There are guideposts to recognize false messengers. Do they deny YESHUA (salvation) is the promised child, the Resurrected SON of GOD? Do they agree He was born of the young, virgin Mariam? Do they agree He is exactly as stated “I am the way, the truth, and the life”?

Brothers and sisters, I Testify—as this chosen messenger sent to you, believes beyond a shadow of a doubt—YESHUA of Nazareth is the ONE TRUE LAMB of the Almighty Father GOD! And His poured-out BLOOD (containing His Father’s Life, for life is in the blood)  & Living WATER has the power to “Renew, Refresh, Forgive” & ultimatelyRestore’ us to fellowship with GOD!

This is just the beginning of my journey with Voice and Vision of Holy God and the calling of prophecy as the messenger of “I AM”! Wow! Holy Wow! Stay Tuned!!!

© CJ Randolph 2020


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