FaithShapes! our lives. It brings color, flavor, stories, and symbols together to build up and heal our Christian/Interfaith Community.

FaithShapes! our hearts, our homes and our health (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, social, and financial). The gift of the Holy Spirit shapes the direction and passion on which we focus our religious attention.

“As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15. This verse from the Holy Bible found it’s way into our home. Piece by piece. It has almost become a “family motto.” It has also become our basis for seeking a better understanding our faith and the faith traditions of others. While we may not all “set our hearts,” worship, or understand faith and life in the same way, the point is to focus on discerning our purpose, serving God, and becoming closer to each other in the process.

FaithShapes! seeks to bring new energy and style blending classic care with contemporary colors and excellence in content.

Welcome to FaithShapes! Colorful Heart, Home, and Faith Communications!

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