White Unto Harvest

“…lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white unto harvest…” John 4:35 KJV

I’m not a big fan of Halloween.  In fact, the only things I like about the Hallowed Eve is the movie Hocus Pocus and hearing 2 songs on the radio: Monster Mash and Werewolves of London.  Other than that, I’m pretty much of a “fuddy duddy” when it comes to handing out candy at the front door.  I make sure the porch light is OFF, and I watch TV in a darkened room (hopefully, Hocus Pocus will be airing that night)!

About 10 years ago, our church began hosting “Treats in a Trunk” on Halloween. It began small with a few attendees that first year, but it has grown tremendously in the succeeding years.  Last year, we registered over 1200 people!  An event this size now requires constables/officers to assist with parking and making sure everyone stays safe.  Church members begin donating candy in late August in order for us to have the required 35,000 pieces of individual candy for that night.  Although I don’t decorate the trunk of my vehicle and hand out candy, I do enjoy seeing all the costumes the little ones wear, and I can help in other ways.  It’s a great alternative to neighborhood door-to-door treating, and parents are realizing that more and more each year.  We offer grilled hot dogs on a warm bun and bottled water to everyone as well as a small bag containing Gospel (about Christ) as well as other information about our church services.  You see, the fields are truly “white unto harvest”….even at Halloween.

(c) 2019 Leslie O. Kelley

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