Too Lofty?

Actor Dean Winters…
You may not recognize his name but you most likely would recognize his face—he’s the “Mayhem” guy in Allstate Insurance’s TV commercials. He’s the one person we do not want to encounter!!!

Beneath the surface of those Allstate commercials is a man who has endured his own personal mayhem. Sickened in 2009 with a bacterial infection, Dean went into cardiac arrest as he was being transported to the hospital. After weeks in ICU, he was told he would never walk again. At his lowest point he was wheeled by a hospital nurse into the pediatric burn unit where he witnessed children with prosthetics playing soccer. The days of feeling sorry for himself were over; if those children could play soccer then there was hope for him. Winters endured 17 surgeries and 9 amputations (mostly fingers and toes), and he did walk again. And after not working for 3 years, he returned to work and was soon hired by Allstate as their “Mayhem Man”.

Winters says he learned much from his experience--to not take life for granted, to be humble, and to not have goals that are too lofty!!!! The words “too lofty” hit me right between the eyes as I have often made New Year’s resolutions and set goals that ended up being unrealistic…yes, too lofty!!! Those kind of goals, when not attained, can leave us feeling depressed and discouraged. So as I sit on the verge of a new year, I will strive to view each new day as a highly polished, empty, silver tray….untarnished, shining, with no ugly fingerprints on it. I will add items to that empty tray each day…..but may they only be items of love, service, encouragement, and beauty. Happy New Year!!!

copyright, 2023. Leslie Kelley.

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