The Perfect Hiking Food

Whenever I think about getting outside and hiking, I remember the hikes we would do in Girl Scouts and we would always make trail mix to go with it. The great thing about trail mix is that you can add almost anything you like to it and leave out something you don't want.

Trail Mix:
1-2 cups M&M's
1-2 cups Pretzels
1-2 cups marshmallows
1-2 cups mixed nuts
1-2 cups Chex cereal
1-2 cups dried fruit
1-2 cups Fruit Loops
1-2 cups Cheerios
1-2 cups raisins
1-2 cups chocolate chips
1-2 cups coconut flakes

Mix 1-2 cups of each ingredient in a large container. Shake it up to distribute everything evenly and serve.

Source: adapted from a recipe on

Michele Tracey, Food Editor

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