The Heart of Mother Teresa

It is always wonderful to find people with love for others, and an ambition to love more. There have been several people in history who have spent their lives working to help the underprivileged, and one very special lady who went out of her way in God’s service was Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was born August 26, 1910 with the name Gonxha Agnes.[1]  She was born into a God-fearing family, but she was very young when Mother Teresa experienced her first painful loss.  Mother Teresa’s father passed away when she was only eight years of age, and along with her loss, her family was then placed in a bad situation financially.  Now to some this may seem like a sad song of life, but through these hard times.  The Lord inspired Mother Teresa to help people in poverty and as well as troubled children.  When she was eighteen, Mother Teresa began work as a missionary.  It was here that she joined the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Ireland. It was here that her name became Sister Mary Teresa.

In 1929, Mother Teresa left for India.  When work was done in one place, she would head for another.  Mother Teresa never took time off herself, and she never married because she knew God was using her outside of her own home and personal life.  One of the most loving things about Mother Teresa is, even in her very advanced years, she never stopped following the Will of God.  A lot of times elderly people are placed away, neglected, and disrespected but Mother Teresa proved that the elderly are very useful. Once you turn a specific age your life does not end there. Even though this lady was, and still is very well respected, she never went around preaching or throwing her weight around. When there was a need, there was love in her eyes. Oh how wonderful it would be if we all took time to help each other as Mother Teresa did.  This is the assignment that Jesus left us before He ascended into Heaven and left the Holy Spirit to comfort and help us.  Mother Teresa understood and lived out that task. She inspired us to love in deeper ways than we imagined.[2]

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