Summer Savers!

There are definitely “summer savers” that restore our hearts, minds, and bodies. These are places such as the beach, the mountains, another village or town with friends or family, and new opportunities for learning and sharing.
I have discovered that each time I travel or experience one of these, that my viewpoint is different and that in some (or many ways) I become more open to new understandings, either of the place that was visited, but most likely about myself. I become a different person. And the way that I “see” life changes with each opportunity that is taken, even if it is a conversation with someone or I read a book written by someone who thinks differently from myself. (One of the best ways to be challenged!)
Summer is full of these unexpected blessings that lie just waiting to be picked up and tended with great care. Such a venture can bring us unending pleasure if we are interested in learning more about ourselves and what heals our hearts and souls and will make a difference in our lives!

Just Janine

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