Sharing Goodness

November is a month best known for sharing thanks. It has always been a treasured practice of mine to spend each day recognizing something or someone I am thankful for. There are the obvious things I am thankful for like cherished friends and a family that has always loved and supported me throughout life's turns. I am also thankful for good health, educational opportunites, and safety. And even more, I am thankful for the little things that seep in through the cracks of the day like enjoying a piece of dark chocolate or the rewarding feeling of turning in a 25 page research paper I have worked on for weeks.

Thanksgiving is approaching. For many, it means siting down to a giant feast surrounded by loved ones. For some, it means days and days of leftover turkey and stuffing sandwichs. For more, it means a lazy day spent on the couch watching football. For a select brave few, it's time to hit the mall in a Black Friday frenzy scouting out deals for Christmas shopping. However we spend Thanksgiving, it is time rich with tradition and a time to share goodness.

It is important to remember all of those people whose Thanksgiving won't be such a special holiday. Maybe they are missing a loved one ore maybe they are stuck on a long work shift serving the needs of others. Remember to be thankful for all that you have been given but also share that goodness with others. 

Happy November everyone!


Katie Turpen 2012

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