Shades of Blue

Blue is my favorite color. The beauty of a pristine azure blue sky brings happiness to my heart and a smile to my face. My bedroom is even painted a peaceful blue hue.
This summer I spent a few days traveling to 4 national parks in Colorado and Utah. The weather was perfect with gorgeous blue skies and hot days.  Everyday when I awoke to clear blue skies, I was ready for another adventure. I was able to share these few days with a very dear friend and 2 of her children. The Arches National Park had amazing rock formations. The most recognizable is Delicate Arch which we saw standing against a bright blue sky. It is beautiful! We had a great time experiencing God’s natural creations.

A friends of mine is Clayton Brewer a poet. I visited Clayton at his assisted living home and asked him to write a poem about the color blue. He dictated and I wrote down his sweet words about God’s love.

Shades of Blue
By: Clayton Brewer
Azure blue skies we may see overhead,
Other skies of grey we often do dread.
But blue is a symbol of peace and God’s love,
Not always seen in the skies above.

Peaceful waters glisten upon the ocean shore,
With various shades of aqua blue and even more.
Without this heavenly peace whatever would we do,
Knowing God’s love is majestically true.

Tranquility of life may be like the skies,
Shades of blue to believers eyes.
God’s love is infinitely true,
His grace to us is always new.

Blue expresses many emotional things,
Writers have written and singers sing.
All the rainbow colors bring to everyone’s mind,
God’s love and how He is so wonderfully kind.

So anytime you pause and look up to the sky,
Notice the blue and you’ll understand why.
God’s love is deeper than the farthest space,
Look to the sky and you will see His face.

Psalm 36: 5 -7
Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,
your faithfulness to the skies.
Your righteousness is like the highest mountains,
your justice like the great deep.
You, Lord, preserve both people and animals.
How priceless is your unfailing love, O God!

Submitted By:
Pam Jackson
Knoxville, TN

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