September Sunflowers

I typically associate September with sunflowers--the two seem to go together like apple pie and ice cream.  This is the month when most gardeners harvest sunflower seeds.   In late Summer and early Autumn sunflowers often appear in home and table decorations.  The photo I would like to show you can be found in the Fall/Christmas 2012 catalog of Celebrating Home, a company founded on Christian principles by Penny and Steve Carlile.  Since I do not yet have their permission to show you that photo, I will instead show you a photo of a painting by Vincent Van Gogh. It is "public domain" and gives us the essence of those September Sunflowers in an artistic context. We can easily do the same thing with those yellow flowers with seeded centers. Fit for the table. Fine for family, company, or simply ourselves!

(c) 2012 Leslie O. Kelley. All rights reserved.


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