Say It with Red, White, and Blue

When it comes to patriotic table decor there is no shortage of ideas.  The pictured centerpiece is super simple and easily adaptable to any size table.  It features a clear glass container approximately 20 inches high and is a rather tall centerpiece; for a smaller version, simply use a container 10 or 12 inches tall and adjust the scale of all the other elements.  The container is filled with a layer of red, then white (clear), and blue glass stones.  You might even opt to mix the colors.  Not only do the stones provide the patriotic colors, but they also serve as an excellent anchor for any stems incorporated into the container.   In this arrangement I chose two large stems with multiple sparkling, metallic fronds of red, white, and blue.  I simply pushed the base of the stems into the stones and then added small American flags all the way around the top of the glass container.  Voila'—-what could be simpler?

(c) 2012 Leslie O. Kelley

(Glass container, stones, and metallic fronds from Hobby Lobby); photo courtesy of Larry Kelley

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