Sapphire Season!

I know that it is September when the leaves begin to turn brown, or I find them in little fluffy mounds all along the ground near the creek. The spiders are still out in force with cobwebs that festoon our back porch and other insects are still sneaking into the house to escape the heat or find water. And there is a change in the light. The sunlight begins to appear differently as the season begins to change. At least that is in Central Alabama, USA. Ah yes. The deeper blue skies of autumn are almost upon us. I relish the shifting for it means that one of my favorite seasons is almost here.

As I think about September and shifting, I am reminded of the fact that the tension of being “in-between” is where I actually love to be. In the past it never occurred to me that that could be a “calling” of sorts…but here I am. There is a particular challenge in the seeking of solutions that once presented to me, will simply not leave my curiosity. My brain simply wants to see how this idea or challenge might look in a different form. So I will work with the problem or issue as if it were clay or some type of medium used by the artist. I will persist until I am satisfied with the lines or shape of a solution. The trick is to know when to “let go”.

There is truth in what is said about people and the “seasons” of our lives. Each one has its own value and beauty. I can definitely remember the different seasons of my life. They are intertwined like strands of DNA. The double helix of Life. The good news is that wisdom is a huge by-product. The bad news is that Time is definitely “of the essence”! About those projects that need tweaking or letting-go…. Time to Get Real with myself! It is Sapphire Season. I am ready to add different color in my life! Time to look for blue skies where the sun strikes the earth from a different perspective. Change is in the air. I am ready.


© 2018 Janine C. Hagan


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