Prophecy and Preview: Holy Wow! Part 2!


Amos 3:6- 8
Does the trumpet sound the alarm in the city without frightening the people? Does disaster come to a city unless the Eternal One has permitted it? The answer to all is the same. No! The eternal Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. They are his spokespeople. The lion has roared who is not afraid? The eternal Lord has been heard. His prophets can’t help but prophesy.

 Brothers and sisters, when “I AM your Father” said “ONE HOUR”—He set HIS WATCH CLOCK hands of time in motion to reveal HIS rising SON & 3-STAGES of TIME! It is a good thing and not bad. But our faith will be tested.

We’ve been shaken by: COVID-19—Closed Houses of Worship, schools, businesses, & borders! Protests, violent riots, murders & marauders! According to GOD’s WORD, we’ve entered the foretold days when people say ‘what is good—is bad. And what is bad—is surely good’. We are being tried as by fire. But WHY? To PURIFY us, not to harm us…. to make us ready like a BRIDE to receive her BRIDEGROOM—the KING of KINGS & LORD of LORDS! IT IS TIME for us to fill our lamps with oil & prepare our White Wedding Dress. Live out YESHUA’s ONE heart with the Father: feed the hungry, heal the sick, visit the incarcerated, raise the dead. Be pleasing without spot or wrinkle. Devote your energy to know the Living GOD and TRUST HIS ways! “You must know the Bible.” Believe upon the name of the SON given for us—the ONE who willingly laid down His life for us—to pay off our sin debt in full!

Isaiah 7:11-14
the VOICE. Ask for proof, a sign from the Eternal your God. Go ahead, ask anything, anything at all; it can be as high as heaven or as deep as the place of the dead. Ahaz said, No way. I wouldn’t dare to ask to test the Eternal One. So, Isaiah says, Listen then. You are none other than the House of David, the one who inherited God’s promise of permanent kingship for David’s descendants. it is so easy to be a bore to people that you should exhaust God’s patience too? Suit yourself. The Lord will give you a proof-sign anyway. See a young maiden (virgin) will conceive. She will give birth to a son & name him Immanuel that isGod with us.”( Let us remember this promise….)

 Isaiah 9:6- 7
Remember the VOICE. Hope of all hopes, dream of our dreams, a child is born…; a son is given to us: a living gift. And even now…He is great. The power of leadership, & the weight of authority, will rest on his shoulders. His name? His name we’ll know in many ways—He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Dear Father everlasting, ever-present never-failing, Master of Wholeness, Prince of Peace. His leadership will bring such prosperity as you’ve never seen before—sustainable peace for all time. This child: God’s promise to David—a throne forever, among us, to restore sound leadership that cannot be perverted or shaken. He will ensure justice without fail and absolute equity. Always.

 Truly, GOD’s WORD & WORK = a Holy-Tri-fecta RESCUE 9•1•1 Mission!


©️ CJ Randolph, 2020

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