Pioneering Our Dreams!

The power of the Holy Spirit is not ours to command. Nor does self-discipline with regard to my mind "being still" long enough to focus on developing the heart. I am always too busy, mentally, to just "Let Go and Let God." I expect that is why  my dreams have always been such a huge part of my life, faith, and language. Now they have become a path for a new type of spiritual discipline. Like Art. From Abstract to Concrete. From Healing to Health. Imagination to Equipment. Holy Poetry to God-as-Architect and Designer of our lives. 

We can trace the study and the neuroscience of dreaming, and thanks to the work of Morton Kelsey, we can trace the history of healing, dreams, and Christianity. But it is most interesting to trace it within context of our lives, our faith, and our hearts. For me, I really took notice when I had a dream in 2000 that changed my life forever. I was struggling with a business concept and reading "Healing the Purpose of Your Life" by my friend Matthew Linn, S.J., Dennis Linn, and Sheila Fabricant Linn. I went to sleep asking the question, "God, What IS the purpose of my life?" and a special friend of mine, Kathy Silvie, came to me in my dreams and said, "Why Janine, you know what (the name of what you are seeking….business concept) is….it is an 'Ecumenical Ministry Network.' " 

I remember repeating that over and over in my head, and liking the sound of that. And then I woke up. Not even knowing exactly what those words meant, in terms of a concept. I thought about "Ecumenical Ministry Network" and realized that it was simply too long to be used. Why not shorten it to "EcuMiniNet?" Then I jumped on my computer and searched for domain names and bought, .net, and .org. Not even really knowing what these could become.

About 2 hours later it dawned on me that I knew a website developer, people who did great photography, tons of contacts who were excellent writers and involved in ministry/service/leadership of some sort all over the USA and could write articles. What I had were the "ingredients" for an electronic magazine and I would never have to mail a thing! 

This was the birth of ecumininet online! which still exists at Born in the dream at the end of Dec. of 2000 but was up and running by February of 2001. It also emerged as an email-based publication in 2009 and is sent out to subscribers that wish to receive it.  EcuMiniNet Online! the ezine was published  through 2008. Many thanks for the work of Rick Rector, the webdesigner and the interns, writers and photographers that came our way who gave their time and creative spirit, without whom the ezine would never have been possible. God was indeed the original "Pioneer" of that Dream. The Holy Spirit was definitely the Source of healing and inspiration which fueled passion, imagination, and creativity. We were all healed and inspired through that process.

FaithShapes! is yet another story. This is an ezine of the heart, family, faith, and home. We  need sponsors and partners, advertisers for this dream. In Memory Of, or In Honor Of  (Dedication ) Sponsorship Issues are available. This plus "New talent"  (children-older adults) Sponsorships are available.And, we need sponsors and partners to redevelop ecumininet online! Fishing for Faith!  Are you interested? Contact .

2013 will be my 13th year of paying attention to God's Voice in the Dream. Documented. Spiritual Discipline. Ministry. Business. Motivation. Inspiration. Healing the Future in more ways than one. Our dreams never stop telling us the stories of our hearts. We should never stop telling the stories of ours. We are all "Pioneers" for our own dreams. I think that the point is to learn to listen to God. Even if we have to go to sleep in order to do it. 

(c) 2012 Janine C. Hagan. All rights reserved. Permission request for reprint via .


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