Pay Attention to Changes….


This is a quote and a text from Sophy in May, when I had not heard from her for a while and was concerned…

I have a new story for you: when in DC a few weeks ago I woke up with what I thought was a heart attack, seeing pain in my chest. I thought I should go to the ER, but I couldn’t bring myself to get out of bed. Finally I decided it was ok if I died, and if I was alive in the morning I’d make the effort to drag myself to the ER. In the morning I was still alive, went and of course the pain, constant and severe, suddenly stopped as I opened the ER door.  I went in anyway. They did a half-dozen tests, found my heart is perfect, the heart of a youth, but they found a blood clot!  And if I had not had a fake heart attack, I would never have discovered the dangerous blood clot.  I had shown my swollen leg earlier to my doctor, who had thought it due to BP medicine, as we tested various ones I might not be allergic to.  How’s that? Everything bad that happens is also for our good.”

(c) Sophy Burnham, 2023.

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