On the Town

After being shown around the great state of Kentucky for the past year, I only thought it would only be fair to share Alabama with my new friends. I quickly found out, however, that it can be really hard to show people one’s hometown in just one week.

Of course, there were the obvious stops around Birmingham: Vulcan, Red Mountain Park, the McWane Center, Jim ‘n’ Nicks, Steel City Pops. Overall, we had a very adventurous few days, reminding me of all of the amazing things Birmingham has to offer. But what about all of the things that make my hometown special to me? Yet again, I found this very hard to capture.

My hometown is made of memories. Bonding over coffee at the Starbucks near my house, stress eating at Panera during exams, spending the night at church during lock-ins, eating ice cream at Dairy Queen after football games, fabric shopping at the craft store to attempt to make dresses. These cookie cutter places and chain restaurants may be all over the country, but my memories are here. All of the things that I’ve learned and the experiences I’ve had with the people here really made me who I am.

Still, I did my best to share those memories with my new best friends. And, now that they’ve been here to visit me, my hometown is all the more special.

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