On Being Myself for Halloween!

Just be yourself. Everyone else is taken!”
Oscar Wilde

In this day and age where we all have to “become someone” in order to be seen or noticed, I have come to love this quote! Just be me, myself, and I. Yet while this seems simple enough I realize that actually doing this is no small feat. I really resonate with the emoji’s in the sense of “who am I and how am I feeling today?” ???‍♀️?? ?

I am definitely a different person to different people. I am a daughter, a mother of grown sons, a wife of many years, a grandmother, a consultant, a coach, an e-publisher, a founder, a company president, a product developer, a soul worker, a cook, a volunteer at church..it just depends. It is a luxury as well as huge stress to be this many people. And if I get sick, I can only be sick. There is no energy to be anything other than that. I imagine that if I were hungry or had no shelter, then I would be defined by those needs. It is no wonder that we have so much stress in our lives…

This Harvest and Halloween time invites us to look at what defines us, shapes our lives, brings us joy or horror/fear, or even perhaps reminds us of the “masks” we wear that are simply parts of ourselves which we need to shed. Just to be ourselves. Simply Be Who We Are. Genuine. Authentic. After all, we know ourselves better than anyone else. Relax. Be comfy. Laugh. Allow ourselves to breathe. And know that God loves us and knows our hearts, no matter how we try to disguise ourselves or our needs. That is both healing and harvest for Halloween.

(c) Janine C. Hagan, 2019.

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