October Wind

Ecclesiastes 3:11  He has made everything beautiful in its time.

An opal is an amazing stone of iridescent colors. It can pick up the colors around it. Just like October, there is an array of vibrant colors surrounding us. Red, yellow, orange, rust, gold, and green cover the hillsides with wonderful picturesque moments. A favorite childhood memory is running and jumping into a high pile of leaves. Of course, the leaves had to raked up again for more fun and laughter. What joy to have experienced the innocence of being a child in the 1950’s. The freedom to have good, happy times with friends playing outside in the cool Fall weather. Watching the leaves swirl in the brisk wind would remind us that winter was not far away. Now, I rake up the leaves and smile as my grandchildren jump in the leaves with joyous laughter.

Below is another poem by my dear friend Clayton.

By: Clayton Brewer

The leaves are falling on the lawn outside;
Notice how easily on the wind they glide.
Their colors in the sun doth shine,
Forming a rainbow as they all combine.

They cover the grass until we see no green;
No flower nor bud can now be seen.
No cutting, no clipping, nor trimming of lawns,
Will need to be done until spring dawns.

The whole world seems to have turned to brown;
After every small leaf has come drifting down.
The rakes begin heaping the leaves into mounds,
Showing spatterings of green grass left on the grounds.

Soon the snow will fall covering everything in sight;
Then the world will be changed from brown to white.
Voices of happy children through the air will ring,
While they enjoy this prelude to spring.

Soon days will be warmer, and the grass will be green;
And tiny green leaves will again be seen.
Each new leaf is like the ones which turned red or gold,
Before winter’s breath blew out the cold.

Submitted By:
Pam Jackson
Knoxville, TN


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