New Year, New Me!

10 Tips to "Lighten Up"!

1. Listen to music that makes my heart "sing!"

2. Check the lighting in my enviroment. Am I getting enough light? Enough sunshine?

3. Play.

4. Pray, even if I can only imagine the face of someone whom I want to "send care."

5, Fruits and veggies are my best friends!

6. Keep records.

7. Feng-Shui has it right! Energy (good and bad) is within our homes. De-clutter!

8. Eyesight is precious. Use it to see friends, family, nature, and new places!

9. Imagine myelf weightless and full of wonder. Where to next?

10. Open up to the Holy Spirit. Go with the Flow!

(c) 2012. Janine C. Hagan.

Photo courtesy of Delia Halverson..

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