Nature Child

I am a "Nature Child" by my own personal definition of one of my "inner children." These show up in our dreams as well as being acted out or appearing suddenly in our daily lives. For me, the "Nature Child" means that I connect and make friends with small animals. This includes the wild birds which I love to feed and who bring me much joy.

Being a Nature Child also means that I care for even very small creatures. After it has rained,  I have a habit of rescuing earthworms and tossing them back into the ground. It is almost an obsessive-compulsive thing with me. I consider this my contribution to the environment and our earth and I will spend endless amounts of time in the process.

I do wonder about this base connection to earthworms. Nasty, squirmy things. But I do not mind this "Operation Rescue" as I think of it.  Earthworms keep the ground moist and fertile. Worms areate the soil. They are also excellent food for many birds. I do not object to worms-as-bird food.  But I am not able to use them for bait for fishing. It is too cruel, as if I can feel that hook myself.

Those who know me, know how much I love our dog, Buster, a rescued Miniature Schnauzer-Silky mix. And, how I have come to love our son Brian's cats! Over the years we have had 4 Bassett Hounds, and at least 18 guinea pigs plus numerous hamsters as "family."  I consider the earth in our back yard as very special ground for it is a resting place for our beloved pets. I once had a dream that tells me that that is where my heart is as well.

Saint Francis of Assisi also loved animals. It is his statue that you see in many gardens with birds and small animals around him. He was most truly a "Nature Child" and taught that one way to understand  the goodness of God is to feed the soul and the heart with caring for God's creatures. Just knowing this helps me to honor my own sense of closeness to God when I am with my furry (or slimy) little friends. Being with the animals is one of the times when I feel most "at home" within my heart. This tells me that Nature and Earth and small animals have a big part (somehow) in the purpose of my life. Earth Day is really every day, for me.

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