Lessons about Sharing Goodness

Holidays are most certainly for family.  We share gifts, food, stories of long past events, and most importantly time with those whom we love most.  We see goodness in family members and others everywhere we look.  What could be more fun?

Enjoying family includes many opportunities for modeling and teaching how to share this goodness with others.  As you and your family enjoy this season of goodness, here are some opportunities to explore how we share goodness with others.

Card Creations

While writing Thanksgiving cards, create your own cards.  Think about handwriting and explore the different styles of handwriting that would make the cards more appealing. Create different versions of the card then choose your favorite to send to other family members or friends.

Goodness is sweet

Share the baking of sweets with family members.  As you bake, discuss the different ingredients and their purpose.  For example, why include sugar and butter when making cookies?  Wonder what might happen if we omitted one of those ingredients?  Discuss the importance of accurate measurements.  If you dare, try baking a few items without specific ingredients then discuss what happened. Finally, choose your favorite baked item, wrap it then share with a friend or other family member.

Goodness through healing

Discuss the stories of the life of Jesus.  Talk about some the people Jesus healed like the official’s daughter, the two blind men, the man who could not walk.  Discuss how Jesus fed the five-thousand and then another time fed four thousand people.  Wonder what those whom Jesus healed physically and those whom he fed thought about all of the kindnesses shown to them.  Finally, provide a meal for someone in need or invite a family to dine with you.







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