Irish Simplicity

I've never had the opportunity to visit Ireland, but pictures and texts in magazines and travel brochures lead me to believe that the rural Irish people lead a simple life.  We have attempted to incorporate that simplicity in our March table setting by using plain white dinnerware and plaid napkins.  The round placemat of natural fibers lends an earthy ambiance, while the square green placemat adds a dash of color and softens the rustic look of the table.  In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we placed a glittery shamrock on the salad plate—another way to contrast the rustic and regal.  Don't be afraid of using two or even three different placemats at a setting—it will only add interest to your table.  Allow yourself to be creative—try placing a rectangular placemat on the table, top it with a square one and then a round one, using colors to coordinate with your theme/dinnerware.

Now, it's time for Irish Stew and blueberry scones!

Round placemats from Pier 1

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