Healing the Future With Our Dreams!

I discovered years ago that when I paid attention to my dreams (both nighttime variety as well as goals), that I began to look at life differently. It is a real challenge to listen to our inner self and for "God's Voice in the Dream" and align that with discerning the purpose of our lives. PLUS try to head in the right direction. Not to mention 'bring out the best" in ourselves and others. This is a full-time job in itself.

Somehow by focusing on these goals, I was able to span a number of years and move from one phase of life to another. And in the process I discovered that "Transitions" are my thing. "In-Between." Helping friends, clients,  myself,and our family to shift from one place to another. I used to think that I was the cause of "trouble" rather than a "trouble-shooter" which I really like doing. That and writing/e-publishing and being a Mom/"Nini"/home-maker/critter lover. I LOVE to do what I do!!!

But I had a dream last night that reminds me that I can do too much. I have had more than my fair share of "burn out" and physical/mental/emotional drains which I have not "let Go and let God!" I still carry a good many fears. Fears of "over-committment" to people and causes and other people's "dreams" that are not my own. Setting boundaries is a difficult thing to learn. Too many boundaries and there is NO adventure in life. Too few boundaries and there is no discipline nor an ability to savor that which needs to be cherished. There again, balance is the key. Harmony, heart, health, and home. These are dreams that belong to all of us. Not just to me.


Blessings for your September,

Founder, Publisher, and Editor-in-Chief, FaithShapes! and EcuMiniNet Online!

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