Filling Up Our Hearts

This is our purpose: "Feeding"our hearts and homes for the benefit of the global faith community. Wellness. Wholeness. Focusing on our source for faith as Christians and that which brings us love, healing, life, and energy versus that which does not. Sacred, Strategic. Simple. Soft.

Our different “selves,” the archetypes- characters, heroes, and  yes, the victims that get onstage in the stories of our lives (and are a part of our dreams) often get in the way of real life. It is hard to take emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, financial, and physical inventory to see what’s really there and what is missing. It’s because that we are afraid that the inventory (especially of the heart) will show a huge deficit. It seems as if we are accountable only to ourselves so it is OK if there is a short supply. But to be truthful, we are talking about life-blood for our friends, family, and global community. We are the “red cross” in more ways than just one and pay the price if there is a shortage.

What if we imagined ourselves “stocking up”? Preparing for times of “heart famine” just as the dreams of Joseph told him to do in preparation for the famine of Egypt as well as that of his own family. More often than not we are trying to simply fill the immediate void rather than consider caring as a lifeline for the present as well as to heal the future. Even if the future is uncertain or unknown. Filling up the heart helps us to move forward; to make it from Point A to Point B.  It does not need to be more complicated than that.

This is not to encourage emotional vampirism which does exist. You may recognize it as feeling totally “drained” after being with someone. “Fed upon.” Not uncommon in relationships of all sorts. This is not wellness nor does it carry any sense of sanctity for respect for personal boundaries. It is a psychic, emotional, and spiritual attack of negative energy. Psychic and emotional/spiritual addiction. All the more reason to fortify ourselves with healthy positive attitudes and focus on our source of love and energy for faith, plus be prepared for intercessory prayer. And be prepared to recognize and call a halt to this behavior wherever and whenever we encounter it.

The draining-out-of-love and life that occurs with disease, tragedy, and suffering and the inability to take action is an evil of another sort. Loss. Grief. Anger. Depression. My best thought on that is that this is all the more reason for us to fill up our emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and financial cupboards so that we can share and help each other in every way possible.  Pray for each other and for ourselves as well. Learn and practice lots of creative ways to nurture and love ourselves and heal our relationships. Plan some new experience every week for our hearts and our minds. Make a list of things that help our hearts resonate with passion for  the Holy Spirit and that which breathes color and life into us so that we are inspired to learn new recipes for wholeness. Adding one ingredient at a time until we can shape and share the sweetest dessert of Life; Love.

Blessings for Heart Health and for Valentine’s Day and everyday.


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