Earth Energies: Lessons from the Wind

Lessons from the Wind

As Spring approaches, we find ourselves in the midst of change both figuratively and literally.  We again celebrate the gift of salvation and the winds of eternal change that blow across us as we accept Him and live daily according to His direction.  Literally, we often have swift and sometimes fierce winds that blow through ushering in a new season.

It is amazing to me the way God has created these consistent winds bringing change to our seasons.  It reminds me of the way He used the weather to create change such as the use of winds to cause the water to recede allowing Noah and all of his creatures to leave the Ark and a new beginning, allowing Moses and the people to cross the river for a new beginning or how the Holy Spirit acted as a wind in Acts.

Has your family ever marveled at the winds God created and how these winds produce change?  If so, try some of the following activities:

The Wind and the Water

Find a large clear glass bowl then fill it almost to the top with water.  Place a small toy boat in the water then blow gently across the surface of the water.  Discuss what happens to the boat when the water moves.  How does that relate to wind currents and changing seasons?

The Wind and the Bubbles

Purchase plastic bottles of “bubbles” from your favorite store.  Go outside on a windy day and blow bubbles then watch the direction of the bubbles and how they go over, under, or around objects.  Discuss how wind generally blows in one direction based on local wind patterns.  Try the experiment again on a different day when you are in a different location.  Discuss how God created different wind patterns for different areas of the world.

The Winds of the World

After completing the bubble experiment, find a world wind chart and a world current chart.  Look at the charts based on where you live.  Talk about the types of winds that occur in your area.  Then look at the world wind current chart and discuss how and why currents affect our weather.

The Wind through a Sock

Create your own wind sock to see which way the wind blows where you live.  Gather the following materials: an old stocking, thin string, a piece of thin wire, a straight sturdy stick or bamboo pole.


On the largest end of the stocking use the wire to make a loop to hold the mouth of the stocking open.

Using the string, tie the open stocking to the sturdy stick or bamboo pole.

Place the “wind sock” in an open area where the wind can blow through it.


Watch the wind sock on several days.  Record whether it is stiff in the wind or flops loosely.

A stiff wind sock means a strong wind.  A floppy wind sock means only a light wind.

Compare your observations over several days.  Record what weather changes might have occurred such as warmer temperatures or cooler temperatures, rain, or sunshine.


How do changes in wind seem to or not to occur with changes in temperature?

How do changes in wind seem to or not to occur with changes in other weather features?


The Wind and Worship

Find places in the Bible where God used wind to make changes.  (examples: Noah, Moses, Pentecost)

Discuss both the physical and spiritual changes that might have occurred.



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