Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open

“There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some that face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other.”    Douglas Everett

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”     C.S. Lewis

While we tend to think of “dreams” as part of our sleeptime, there is another type of dream that can occur with our eyes wide open:  day-dreams.

As a young girl, I day-dreamed of marrying someone wealthy enough to provide me with a two-story brick, Georgian style home complete with a grand winding staircase in the wide entrance hall.  There would be substantial acreage to raise beautiful thoroughbred horses.  In turn, I would provide my handsome, highly intelligent husband with three beautiful, well mannered children (and have a flat stomach for the rest of my life).  I would be a civic minded woman, raising our children to be good citizens.  I would give tea parties, be an expert equestrian, and manage a smooth running household with the aid of a cook and housekeeper.  Wow….was life ever going to be wonderful!!

But for every thread in the tapestry of a day-dream, there can be a knot called reality.  My day-dream took a different road unlike the one I had envisioned.   The two-story Georgian style home is a one-story (no basement) brick rancher built in 1956.  And although our city lot is larger than most, it will definitely not accommodate even one thoroughbred horse.  I have never given a tea party, but I can ride a horse—with or without a saddle.  And I did get the handsome, highly intelligent husband…plus two beautiful, well mannered children who are not only good citizens, but also Christian parents striving to rear our grandchildren in God-centered homes.

Am I disappointed that part of my day-dream did not come true?  Not in the least.  As a Christian, I know I can place my life (and day-dreams) in the hands of an all-knowing, wise God who will provide the things He deems best for me.  It’s always wise to let go of unrealistic day-dreams…..just remember to hold fast to the Father Who knows best.



As children bring their broken toys

with tears for us to mend,

I brought my broken dreams to God

because He was my Friend.

But then instead of leaving Him

in peace to work alone,

I hung around and tried to help

with ways that were my own.

At last I snatched them back and cried,

“How can You be so slow?”

“My child,” He said. “What could I do?

You never let them go.”

                             Author Unknown


(c) 2012 Leslie O. Kelley

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