December Dreams!

I keep a spiral notebook and pen beside my bed. That way when I wake up in the morning I can immediately write down the images, colors, smells, feelings and "story" of whatever dream is still lingering in my mind.

This morning I remember our grandson (now 4)  being the primary figure in one part of "The Dream." And I wondered what part of me is letting "the young child/boy" have a large part of the story of my life? How is that "little boy" still affecting me and "take charge?" Is that a good thing? Or not? Where is the "grown up" who is the leader and the one who should be the teacher? Which is to say, that "teacher" and "leader" and Director/Producer and Mom and Grandmother are all strong gifts of mine that I need to use!!!

My December Dreams are full of Family and the coming New Year. And for those who are in the "December" of their lives, their dreams will be different from those whose lives are in youth (Spring) and adult (Summer) and  older adult (Indian Summer and Fall) and elderly (Winter). The toughest part is that not every "Season" of life is lived at the appropriate age. Some people (even children) face "Winter" far sooner than expected.

The moral of the dream? Or our goals/career dreams? Be prepared for change. For the unexpected. For Plan A as well as Plan B and Plan C. And to surround ourselves with imagination, creativity, stories of the Source and Community of our faith, as well love and warmth so that should the seasons catch us unprepared, we will have nourishment for wherever our jouneys take us!!

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