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Last night I  watched a second episode of “Proof” on the tv. The plot is about a heart surgeon whose son died from a terminal illness and although she is very focused on science/medicine and the way in which that discipline approaches life and death, the doctor is drawn into research and adventure about whether an “Afterlife” exists or not.
All this is to begin a line of thought about angels. About life and death and afterlife. About angels. And yes, demons…we are all haunted  by our or others’ darker natures, in one way or another. But our goal is to focus on angels. Those “Angels” (and those who struggled with demons) who were once with us but now have “passed” as some might say. I prefer to call it like it is and name it “death”, but however we name it. We are the ones left behind. And I have many, many friends who have been “left behind” whose lives are forever changed.

The biggest question we have, I think, regardless of what we believe about the Afterlife, is the same question that we face in times of major trauma, whether injury, divorce, mental breakdown, major life transitions…birth, school changes, moving, jobs (or lack thereof) and relationship/security/financial worries……. That question is “How do we get enough love to live from one day to the next?” The question is not really about the “other” so much as it is about ourelves. About our future. Our survival. Our needs. And our need for whatever it is that we “lost.” Sometimes we need Jesus “with skin on” as a friend of mine once said!
That being said, this will be a summer series on those things which bring us comfort in times of grief, loss, sorrow and huge changes in our lives. About living from one day to the next. About where we find healing and yes, comfort. And also about “Angels”….where we actually do have experiences that lead us to believe that we are most definitely not alone. Even when we feel that God has deserted and we are wandering in the wilderness like the Israelites did for 40 years, they were given manna which they had to gather daily in order to survive. Perhaps this is about gathering “Manna” from whatever “angels” come our way and about the process. I am discovering that “Proof” exists of a connectedness that goes beyond our understanding. Sometimes the very ordinary can give us “Proof” of extraordinary connection with our hearts to the heart of God.

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