Bread Stuffing



This stuffing is my mother’s specialty. It’s so good that my brother actually made the recipe while he was at college. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this stuffing!

 Michele Tracey, Food Editor



Bread Stuffing:

1 loaf white bread
Parsley to taste
Pepper, garlic salt, celery salt to taste
2 minced onions
3 celery stalks, chopped
1 stick butter
3 eggs
â…“ cup milk
Cube white bread, sprinkle dried parsley and mix until you like the colors. Add the pepper and salts, mix everything together..
Meanwhile, put the onion, celery and butter in microwave and cook for 2 ½ minutes. The onion and celery should be tender. Gradually stir everything into the seasoned bread crumbs. In bowl that the onion was cooked in, beat eggs and milk together, add to the bread mixture. Make sure the bread mixture becomes moistened and not soggy. Don’t add the egg/milk mixture until ready to stuff the bird.
If Stuffing the Bird: Fill Cavity and neck area, covering with foil until the last 45 minutes.
If Making Stuffing Balls: Grease a baking dish, then form the balls with ½ cup of stuffing. Spoon some of the turkey broth over the balls, then cover and place in oven with turkey (when turkey has 30 minutes left). After 30 minutes take the turkey out, uncover the balls and cook for an additional 15 minutes at 325°. 

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