Blessings for Pets (and other Creatures)

“O Supreme Spirit of Creation, from Your sacred breath came forth birds and beasts,
fish and fowl, creatures of such variety and beauty that we are continuously amazed at
Your divine imagination.

These children of Yours have been blessed by You, their Creator, with simplicity,
beauty and a cosmic purpose.

They have been blessed as well by our greatest grandfather, Adam, who in
Edenland gifted each with its own name.

They have also been blessed with protection by our ancient ancestor Noah, patron
saint of those who seek to preserve all that you have created.

Sheep and goats, donkeys and cows, doves and serpents, fish and birds of the air
were blessed by Jesus, Your Son, by his being born in their company and by His
making use of them in His teachings.

May we, in this holy pattern, now bless this our pet _______by taking delight in his/her
beauty and naturalness.

May we bless this animal with a Noah-like protection from all that might harm him/her.
May we like Adam and Eve, speak to this creature of Yours with kindness and
affection, reverencing his/her life and purpose in our communal creation.

May we never treat this creature as a dumb animal, but rather let us seek to learn its
language and be a student of all the secrets that it knows.

May your abundant blessings rest upon this creature who will be or is a companion for us
in the journey of life. “

Edward Hays

Anders, Isabel. Simple Blessings for Sacred Moments

shared by Janine (I also used this in the past tense when doing “memorial services” for beloved pets.)

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