A month for giving

There is no doubt that Fall is here. And with this special season, comes cool weather, cozy sweaters, hot pumpkin lattes, and of course, the beautiful scenery. There is something soul-moving about looking out the window and seeing a sea of brown, yellow and red canvas the trees. Watching the leaves fall and feeling them crunch beneath my feet is a feeling I treasure each year.

October is a busy month for sure. It is especially busy in the newspaper business. As a writer for five monthly community publications in Birmingham, I have been spending many of my days travelling to various festivals and events. While sampling food and drinks is delicious and picking out a pumpkin or piece of art feels particularly exhilarating, I am constantly reminding myself what makes these festivals and events so important.

Nearly all of the outdoor events I have covered have been to support a worthy cause. Whether it is funding breast cancer research, finding a cure for a rare developmental disorder or simply collecting donations so a family can have a Christmas, all of these events remind the importance of giving. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are still more than a month away, October reveals to us that kindness can begin anytime.

I encourage everyone to look at the calendar and pick an event for a worthy cause to attend this month. It’s a great time to enjoy the beautiful weather and the company of others while also remembering that when we give, we gain so much more in return.


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